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Outsourcing Intelligently !!!

Just the fact that you’re reading these words implies that you’re looking for a  company to build you an excellent product at a great price and probably, to do it quickly. Otherwise, why would you be considering outsourcing? Great right? Maybe. Thousands of companies are outsourcing their work right now. Here in India, there are millions […]

Outsourcing to India

Outsourcing to India

“Outsourcing to India”. How much real value does it add? Does being located in different timezone a good thing or a bad thing? Lot of questions arise in the minds of people when they think of outsourcing to India. When we at Innostax Software Labs started software consulting. We saw a lot of push back […]

Thinking with a different point of view

The web design Market has changed over the past few years: designers with front-end skills, and front-end developers with design skills, are more in Demand.Some people could argue that the job roles are completely different—and maybe you straight-up don’t like one of them—but the fact is, in my views having knowledge of both front end […]